Family Law Case Results

Visitation and Guardianship of Elder Parent – All Issues Resolved

Outcome: Obtained Co-guardianship & Restored Visitation Rights.

History: Our client’s mother required around-the-clock care which both our client and her brother had been providing to their mother along with health care aids. The brother saw scratches on mother one day, assumed his sister put them there and reported this to police. Our client was then charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct upon her arrest. We proved the marks resulted from a protection impulse grab during an abrupt stop while our client was out driving with her mom.

The brother also filed a petition in Orphan’s Court to be appointed sole guardian of mother’s person and estate.

We represented our client in both the criminal matter where a no-contact order was placed against her; as well as in the family matter pertaining to guardianship in Orphan’s Court.

We were able to get the criminal charges reduced to a summary offense, requiring no jail or probation; and have the no-contact restraining order removed. We then successfully had our client appointed as co-guardian (with brother) of her mother’s personal and financial affairs through Orphan’s Court.

These successes enabled our client and her brother to effectively care for their mom and partner together in making important decisions for her. Ultimately, our successful resolutions reunited the family.

Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA

Child Custody – Sole Physical and Legal Custody Retained.

Outcome: Client’s child not ordered to reunify with father as both our client and her daughter desired.

History: Our client hired us after her daughter’s father filed a Complaint for Custody in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, seeking partial custody. Father had been absent from child’s life prior to filing for custody. He also had little to no communication with our client since the birth of his daughter, and had hidden a past incarceration for sexual assault against a woman.

Our client did not trust her daughter’s safety with the father, and sought to prevent any physical and legal custody orders.
We successfully demonstrated to the Court that the father was not trustworthy enough to have custody. The Court saw our position as in line with the child’s best interests; especially since the child expressed to the Court that she did not wish to reunify with her father. Ultimately, the Court agreed and ordered that sole physical and legal custody remain with our client.


Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA
Domestic Abuse, At-risk Divorce –Successful Execution of Safety Plan.

Outcome: Helped client remove herself and her children from marital residence where they were subjected to physical and emotional abuse from husband/father. We also obtained a Divorce settlement that was fair and fully aligned with our client’s new beginnings and needs.

History: Our client, who was married to an abusive husband with whom she had children, sought to protect herself and her children from further abuse while seeking custody and divorce.

She feared physical retaliation from husband if and when she attempted to leave him. She also worried she would not have enough money to meet her children’s needs.

We worked closely with her to provide a comprehensive solution that included a safe evacuation plan as well as a breakdown of financial needs and expected child and spousal support.

Our total strategy for this client enabled her to leave the abusive environment without incident; and with the security of relocating to a safe place for her and her children. We also identified the child and spousal support incomes expected from her settlement so she could be confident in her ability to provide for her family.

Subsequent actions for child custody, and child and spousal support were also successful and exceeded our client’s expectations in each case.


Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order Not Substantiated.

Outcome: Adult daughter’s PFA complaint against our client, her father, was unsubstantiated at the hearing and the PFA order was terminated.

History: Our client’s adult daughter filed a protection from abuse complaint against him. The temporary PFA order was determined by the Court of Common Pleas to be unsubstantiated as a result of our investigative work on behalf of our client.

His daughter had a history of instability and being emotionally abusive toward her family. She had broken into our client’s home while he was away on vacation. When he returned, daughter falsely accused him of having assaulted her in order to obtain a temporary PFA order against him, and possibly to attempt minimizing charges for the break-in.

We successfully prevented a permanent PFA order from being entered at the hearing, and our client and the rest of his family were able to return to the home. Daughter was relocated permanently and legally away from their home.


Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA


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Court of Common Pleas
Allegheny County
Fifth Judicial District of PA*
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
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Westmoreland County Courthouse
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Court of Common Pleas of Cambria County
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