Family Law In Pennsylvania

Family Law encompasses all legal rights and matters involving disputes between family members, including relationships by blood, marriage, adoption, or domestic partnership. In Pennsylvania, family issues can arise from custody over children, visitation rights, child and spousal support, paternity, adoption, and marriage and divorce.

If you are facing the difficult questions involved in leaving your spouse, you may feel very challenged and overwhelmed. You may be wondering:

  • Will I be able to stay in my home?
  • What will happen to my children?
  • How will our debts be settled?
  • Will I receive a fair share of our assets?
  • Will we be able to work through a divorce amicably?

These are the questions we help our clients answer when navigating the challenges of a divorce. Equitable distribution of marital property, debts and assets is what we do. Our responsibility lies solely with our client in all aspects of the dissolution of marriage. We help them protect their current and future standards of living.

Parents of children have special concerns during divorce proceedings. Often, worries or disputes over child custody issues turn emotions on high during the process of a divorce. We understand these issues because we listen to our clients’ parental concerns. We fully explain all custody options and court proceedings so they can make decisions in their children’s best interests. Being knowledgeable and prepared alleviates a lot of anxiety.

Our Family Law Practice helps people understand how to best protect their rights and interests in any family matter, including:

Pennsylvania Divorce


Spousal Support

Spousal support is similar to alimony pendente lite (APL) in that it ends once the divorce is decreed. However, in some cases []

Child Support

Child support is established and enforced through the Domestic Relations Section of the Common Pleas Court where your case resides. Under PA child support laws, parents and guardians are legally required to provide basic, essential support for their children until the age of 18, or []

Fathers’ Rights

Pennsylvania is a marriage presumption state with regard to issues of paternity. Paternity is the establishment of a child’s legal father in the eyes of the courts. When the birth mother is married at the time of conception and birth, her husband is presumed []

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Mothers’ Rights

If you need to establish paternity and financial support for your child, we can help. In cases where there has been a pattern of drug or alcohol abuse, you may want to request that all visitations be supervised []

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents and great-grandparents may file an action under this chapter for partial physical custody or supervised physical custody in the following situations []

Step Parent Rights & Adoption

A step parent may be able to seek visitation rights if she/he has acted as a parent to the child over time. However, in order to obtain protected rights relating to their step-children, a step parent will usually adopt through a second parent adoption []


In cases where the mother disputes the paternity, you will need to file a Complaint to Establish Paternity and For Genetic Testing. A certified lab will conduct the tests which normally result in 99% accuracy when []

Non Custodial Parents

In the event that you and the custodial parent cannot work through a dispute, there are some key considerations to take in to account […]

Women At Risk

Women can face complications in divorcing their husbands because of specific obstacles that make leaving their spouse seem nearly impossible. The two most cited obstacles to leaving an abusive husband are finances and children []

Prenuptial Agreements

Help protect your assets. Prenuptials are widely used today by couples in Pennsylvania who wish to work out the division of assets ahead of time. Because half of all marriages end in divorce, it is wise to consider what will happen to your hard assets beforehand. We can also help you arrange contract rights upon divorce or death that will protect the income and assets from your business.

At Tibbott & Richardson, our attorneys are experienced and well-qualified to advocate for our clients’ interests in the toughest family disputes. We will negotiate on your behalf and obtain the best resolution for your particular situation.

Let us help alleviate the pressures and uncertainty surrounding your family issue. We will: Review and/or create proposals and agreements; negotiate for you both in and out of court, prepare for and attend all hearings, and give you excellent representation if your case goes to trial. We can provide you with some clarity during a no obligation, free consultation.

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