DUI Defense In Pennsylvania

The best DUI attorneys in Pittsburgh and across the Commonwealth work very hard to get their clients through one of the toughest legal challenges there is: Defending a DUI charge. A client is facing many different high-stress issues almost at once, and in most DUIs, that stress starts when the attorney cannot be there to advise them on the first stressful decision of whether to submit to a field sobriety test, or refuse.

Driving Under the Influence laws in Pennsylvania operate like many well-oiled machine parts. After you are processed by police on a DUI, you may get a letter from PennDot stating that your driver’s license will be suspended. Once the criminal complaint from police is received by the DA’s office, DUI charges will be brought and officially filed with the court. The court will have mandatory penalties and guidelines to follow for a DUI case, and will assume that your case falls under at least one of them.

Your car may have been towed, and while all of this is taking place, you will wonder what your sentence might be, if you can keep your job, and how you will get to and from work without a license.

The very best DUI attorneys understand all of the moving parts of a DUI charge in Pennsylvania, and how each part can affect your future. Attorneys Beth Tibbott and Dana Richardson have that knowledge. Our practice is built around solving both the legal and practical issues faced by our clients. We serve those accused of DUI in Pittsburgh, Johnstown and surrounding communities.

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“Above and beyond what most attorneys do…” –Avvo client review by Robert.

Drunk driving defense in Pennsylvania also requires a set of technical and highly specialized skills that go beyond the necessary litigation and trial experience. To protect and defend clients against a DUI charge, your lawyer needs to be specifically trained in:

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Breathalyzer testing and Intoxilyzer defenses
  • Medical conditions and chemical testing
  • Procedures for Urine Testing
  • Procedures for Blood Testing
  • Acceptable Blood Testing for Controlled Substances

We have this specific training. Attorney Beth Tibbott is the only specialized DUI attorney in Cambria County, and is a founding member of the Pennsylvania Association of Drunk Driving Attorneys. Call Tibbott & Richardson today for a free initial consultation about your DUI charges.

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