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Versatile and Professional

I can't say that I have ever really enjoyed working with lawyers until I met Beth. Normally, the process is drawn out, confusing and overall exhausting. Beth was the complete opposite of what I have dealt with in the past. Though she specializes in criminal law, she was able to work around what I needed and made sure the entire experience was painless. I heard about Beth Tibbott from two separate people who have used her services before, and though my need for an attorney was not based in criminal law, she was able to work on my project professionally, timely, intelligently and diligently. I am very pleased with all she has done for me and my clients, and I will certainly be using her services again in the future. I stand behind her because she stood behind me when my clients and I needed her the most. Thanks Beth!
Two Thumbs Up

I worked with Beth on a couple of projects related to business development, and must say, I was extremely impressed. The thing about Beth that really stood out to me was her calm, yet confident demeanor. When reviewing different contracts and items of discussion, she took her time to absorb the material before sharing your opinion on the matter, which is something I believe many professionals don't do.
Fantastic Attorney!

Beth Tibbott was a wonderful lawyer! I had many issues with my previous landlord and was unaware of how to handle them. Beth answered all of my questions, while at the same time thoroughly explaining to me everything that she was doing. I was informed throughout the entire process. Thanks to Beth, all of my issues are completely resolved. I could not have asked for a better experience!
I’m Glad I Found Her

I highly recommend Beth Tibbott. She's very personable, knowledgeable and is a joy to talk to. She's is what you look for in an attorney. Especially with my crazy life.
The Best

I hired Beth and her partner, Dana, a number of times. They were very informative and gave me all of the facts I needed to make the decision that would work best for me. They are professional, but also friendly and compassionate. I had the unfortunate experience to have my mother pass away shortly after one of our meetings. Within two hours, I had received a very sincere condolence call from both Beth and Dana. They could have sent a note, but they took time out of their busy schedule to make the call and offer their sympathies. It meant more to me than I can say. I have worked with other lawyers previously, but Beth and Dana will be my first choice from now on.
Proactive Solutions

I hired Ms. Richardson to help me set up my new business and to make sure that I was following all of the necessary state and local guidelines. In addition to walking me through the process and explaining everything, she also took the time to provide a small business law primer to me. She makes sure her clients are knowledgeable, not just blindly following her lead.
Beyond Job Description

Beth Tibbott goes above and beyond what most attorneys do. The communication between client and council is always ongoing. She is super knowledgeable on so many levels that it is almost scary. Beth will not sugar coat anything and will explain every scenario that can play out in court. Beth is a true "whats best for her clients" attorney.
Great Attorney

Attorneys Tibbott and Richardson are by far the best attorneys I've worked with. I trusted Beth and her partner Dana Richardson to take care of my federal criminal issue and they did so with results that exceeded my expectations. They return calls and emails and are honest about what to expect. The federal prosecutor lobbied heavily to have me detained pending trial and although it was a long shot, they were successful in securing my bond and I was out pending trial.
A Criminal Defense Client

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Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Ms Tibbott is an amazing lawyer who truly cares for her clients and delivers results time and time again. She is respected both by fellow lawyers as well as judges and has an impeccable reputation.
Atty David Shrager
DUI & DWI Attorney Oct 25, 2013

Beth Tibbott is known nationally as an outstanding DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer, as evidenced by the fact that I am aware of her excellent reputation and I live in Tennessee! Beth is committed to equipping herself with the knowledge necessary to fully and effectively represent her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Beth to a close friend or family member in need of a criminal defense attorney.
Atty Marcos Garza
DUI & DWI Attorney Mar 25, 2013

Beth Tibbott is an excellent attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients. She has a national reputation for excellence. I would not hesitate to refer a client to her office.
Atty Deandra Grant
Personal Injury Attorney Jan 26, 2013

I endorse this lawyer. If you ever need DUI defense call Beth M. Tibbott.
Atty Evan Oshan
Real Estate Attorney Nov 1, 2011

Beth Tibbott worked for me while she was in law school. She is a quick learner, has great attention to detail, and is passionate about her work.
Atty Bradley Dornish
Medical Malpractice Attorney Sep 25, 2011

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Beth Tibbott is exceptionally smart. She was the attorney for an individual that injured my client in a bar. Attorney Tibbott handled that individual's criminal defense and injury claims with poise and toughness. Yet she always remained professional.
Atty Joshua Berger
Criminal Defense Attorney Sep 4, 2011

Beth is a hard working lawyer who has taken on the challenge of defending people charged with DUI. DUI cases are the hardest cases to defend in the judicial system. To do a good job for her clients Beth has taken the time to not only know the law but to understand the science behind blood and breath testing. Anyone hiring her to defend their DUI charges is in excellent hands.
Atty Brian Manchester
Personal Injury Attorney Sep 2, 2011

Here is a true story about a great job that Beth Tibbott did for a mutual client. About three years ago, Beth and I had the opportunity to represent a gentleman wrongly accused of a serious crime. I tend to be nervous about co-counsel arrangements, but after working with Beth on that case, I changed my mind. I found Beth to be extremely professional and she worked very hard for the client. Beth had a unique way of explaining things to the client so that he completely understood the process he was going through, and that helped him to relax and stay focused. She also had a fantastic way of communicating to the Court staff, which made things much easier for me, and even better for our client. Best of all, Beth and I were able to help get the charges against our client completely dropped so our client went home free at the end of our case rather than going back to jail. I would be happy to refer other DUI and criminal defense cases to Beth, and in fact, I do!
Atty Gregory Kelley
DUI & DWI Attorney Aug 21, 2011

Beth Tibbott has shown her commitment to DUI defense by her membership in the National College for DUI Defense and the Pennsylvania Association of Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys. She has put the time and effort into acquiring the knowledge required to be a great DUI defense attorney. That’s why Beth does a fantastic job for her clients. I endorse Beth’s work as an attorney.
Atty Michael Sherman
Personal Injury Attorney Aug 16, 2011

I worked with Beth Tibbott for approximately a year at a prior firm. During that time, Beth was always professional and represented all of her clients with vigor. Beth is very knowledgeable in several areas of the law is very respectful and courteous to her clients and opposing attorneys alike.
Atty Milinda Bowen
DUI & DWI Attorney Aug 16, 2011

Beth Tibbott is a rising star among DUI defenders in the Pittsburgh area. I have worked with her at several national DUI defense seminars. She is tenacious and clever, a rare combination. I have referred her several good clients, and she has done wonders for every one of them.
Atty Michael Kessler
Real Estate Attorney Nov 1, 2011

Dana worked for me while in law school, and then worked for one of my clients before returning as an associate in my firm. Dana handled landlord tenant and other real estate matters well, and maintained a personal connection with our clients. I was sorry to lose her to doing oil and gas title searching, but I now refer my clients who need those searches to Dana.
Atty Bradley Dornish
Personal Injury Attorney Sep 2, 2011

I witnessed something a few years ago that other lawyers and real estate clients need to know about. I had a very complicated real estate case two years ago, and Dana Richardson was my opposing counsel. I found Attorney Richardson was an extremely worthy opponent. Early on in the case, Ms. Richardson was prepared for all of our negotiations, and worked hard to settle the case without going to court in order to save her client money. Then, when we just could not come to an agreement, Attorney Richardson quickly changed gears and was completely ready, willing, and able to get her client what she wanted in Court. What impressed me most was that Attorney Richardson handled the unique emotional aspects of the case perfectly. She had to work extra hard to diffuse the emotion and keep the case moving forward to the goal line, and Dana did that so perfectly. Because of this, I would not hesitate to refer real estate cases to Attorney Richardson, and in fact, I do!
Atty Gregory Kelley
Fellow PA Lawyer Aug 22, 2011

I met Dana through her partner, Beth. I was immediately able to observe that Dana is a very talented lawyer whose dedication and commitment to her clients is unmatched. Although she is extremely knowledgeable regarding various aspects of the law, she is particularly knowledgeable regarding oil and gas law. Dana is a great attorney and one whom I endorse without any hesitation whatsoever.
Atty Alicia Genther
DUI & DWI Attorney Aug 21, 2011

I met Dana through her partner, Beth Tibbott, at a rigorous and high energy DUI defense seminar. I was immediately impressed by her intellect and her charm. She is a dedicated DUI Defender, and I look forward to my next opportunity to refer a client to her.
Atty Michael Kessler
DUI & DWI Attorney Sep 7, 2010

Beth Tibbott is a motivated lawyer who has dedicated herself to the art of DUI defense. Beth has made the personal time investment required to attend national seminars presented by the best minds in DUI defense, and her commitment to ongoing education clearly shows. Beth is one of a handful of PA lawyers that I would confidently refer people to if they were facing a DUI in Pennsylvania. I trust Beth's work and her commitment to doing things the right and effective way.
Atty Todd La Neve
Real Estate Attorney Sep 7, 2010

I went to law school with Beth Tibbott. She is a level-headed, hard-working consensus builder, with the ability to be tough as nails when the situation calls for it.
Atty Joshua Horton