Scalping Tickets

Well it’s Steeler Sunday and that has me thinking about ticket scalping. On the way to Heinz Field for every home game, I see scalpers everywhere holding their signs telling people that they need tickets.  I thought I’d share the rules with you, considering scalping without a license IS a crime.

Scalping in Pennsylvania is legal, as long as the seller doesn’t collect $5 or 25 percent more than face value on the ticket, whichever is higher.

In Pittsburgh, a ticket scalper is required to have a license in order to resell tickets, and then they are required to do so in a specially designated area under Fort Duquesne Bridge between PNC Park and Heinz Field.

The license costs $578.00 per year.  As of June, 2010 there were 4 people with licenses in Pittsburgh.  FOUR!

Also, under the city ordinance, penalties reset after each sports event. For example, if a scalper gets a first warning on a Sunday, the process begins again on Monday.

Scalping is a crime with no victim, as long as the tickets are not counterfeit of course.

Have a great Sunday!

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