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Psychological Evaluations in Custody Cases

Do you feel as if you need to protect your child from your child’s mentally unstable mother or father?

Are you unsure if you can even do that or how you can show the court that the other parent even IS mentally unstable or unable to care properly for your child?

Do you feel trapped and not able to divorce or leave the other parent because you are afraid the court will award unsupervised custody to the other parent — and you know that is not what is best for your child?

Is your co-parent manipulative and even appears to be a wonderful person to the rest of the world?

There is hope and we can help you.   

Everyday decisions about things like who has custody of the kids, where the kids go to the doctor, and where the kids should attend school can seem impossible when you are dealing with a co-parent who is living with an untreated mental illness.

Don’t get me wrong…just because a parent has a mental illness does NOT mean that they are not capable of being a good parent.  Maybe you are the one with a history of mental illness that your co-parent is now using against you to keep your children from you.

You don’t need to live with fear and uncertainty anymore.  In many situations where a party has a mental illness or is accused of having a mental illness that affects the ability to parent, a psychological and custodial evaluation is a viable option and can help put to rest a lot of this uncertainty.

The parties can agree, or the court can order, that the parties undergo extensive psychological testing and evaluations.  The psychologist can recommend a custody schedule that is in the best interests of your child, based upon the test results and other findings.

Handling this type of case requires that lawyer have specialized skills, knowledge and experience that many family law attorneys do not have.  The attorneys at Tibbott & Richardson have behavioral science backgrounds and years of experience handling psychological experts and custody cases.  We work tirelessly to change our clients’ lives for the better and to help you keep your children safe and happy.

You don’t have to live with fear and worry anymore.  We are here to help.

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