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Oil and Gas

The Marcellus Shale is a unit of marine sedimentary rock which contains largely untapped natural gas reserves. The shale underlies sixty-percent of Pennsylvania; therefore many natural gas producers are currently approaching landowners in our area with hopes of negotiating oil and gas leases for drilling and other aspects of natural gas production.

The Attorneys at Tibbott & Richardson are experienced in drafting and negotiating oil and gas leases. We have worked directly for the producers and so we know exactly what they are looking for and what deals they are willing to make with landowners. Because we have worked on the other side, we are exceptionally capable when it comes to assisting landowners through the leasing process which can oftentimes be very complicated and confusing. If you have been approached by a company who is interested in entering into an oil and gas lease with you, call us for a free consultation before signing on the dotted line. We can help you maximize your profit and minimize your risk.