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Landlord / Tenant

Landlord and tenant law governs the mutual rights and obligations between Landlords and Tenants as outlined in the lease agreement and/or by Pennsylvania law. It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand these rights and obligations, thus it is imperative that both landlords and tenants consult with an attorney who specializes in landlord tenant law in order to have these rights explained in detail.

Below is a brief list of the respective rights of the landlord and tenant. For more information please contact us today!


  • The right to have the tenant enter into a written lease;
  • The right to have the tenant comply with the terms of the lease;
  • The right to terminate the lease if breached;
  • The right to receive monthly rent and to receive the rent on time;
  • The right to initiate eviction proceedings if the tenant breaches the lease;
  • The right to recover unpaid rents;
  • The right to recover possession of your property if the tenant breaches the lease;
  • The right to recover money damages for damage done to your property by the tenant that is not due to normal wear and tear;
  • The right to withhold a security deposit if damage is done to the property.


  • The right to enter into a written lease;
  • The right to a habitable and safe environment;
  • The right to the quiet and peaceful possession of the leased premises;
  • The right to a return of the security deposit within 30 days after vacating the residence as long as there are not circumstances that exist which permit the landlord to withhold a portion or all of the deposit;
  • The right to terminate the lease;
  • The right to due process prior to an eviction;

The attorneys at Tibbott & Richardson have experience in counseling both commercial and residential landlords and tenants in areas such as lease review, drafting, and negotiation. Attorney Dana Richardson has specialized experience navigating the complexities of Landlord and Section Eight Tenant relationships, which are governed by HUD Rules (The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development).

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